BeakSpeak Book

How did BeakSpeak come about?

Just a reminder that this is how it all began.

Peggy Marceaux

My first experience with “fowl” language started many years ago when I met an old codger named T. Brady who introduced me to his game flock. A reincarnation of Dale Gribble from the animated sitcom, King of the Hill, T. would mumble and cluck when he talked to them, which I found surprisingly soothing.

Barnyard Zen belied the fact that chickens have a rough life: they must survive
a pecking order. Yes, though a flock of chickens may be a microcosm of human
society, some behaving aggressively, others passively, weak birds cannot
survive a bully without a human intervening.

I could
see myself doing that. So, I bought some chickens, but that’s another story. I
mostly wanted to help young people survive
bullying. I wanted to help them become
independent-minded, too, and to get along with one another. To do that, you have to communicate what you

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