Respect 4 Endangered Species

A collection of Short Stories

Short Story Collection Book

Respect 4 Endangered Species

A collection of Short Stories

In this second collection of short stories by author Peggy Marceaux, she hilariously covers endangered whales, falcons, the down trodden, and even our homeland. All of which is currently endangered.

The Short Stories:

Peanut Butter Cups and Baby Woot’s

Levi Goldblum had an obsession with gangsters. He chose his little sister, Ruth, as his side-kick, by bribing her with her favorite candy, baby “woots.” At first it was “all fun and games” until after Halloween, when the crimes got a little more complicated.

Buzz of Malta Meets Mrs. Peregrine of Gozo

The falcons on the Maltese Archipelago joined in the warfare of the Fascist and Axis efforts to seize Malta in the 1941-43 efforts by Mussolini and Rommel. Buzz the falcon and Mrs. Peregrine found a way to step in.

LeRoy Dimwit the Nit Wit

LeRoy Dimwit was an incompetent, ignorant, everyday country guy, who didn’t know the ins and outs of criminology and the workings of court procedures. That didn’t make him a bad person, but he never knew what he was doing wrong. This is why he felt it necessary to take drastic measures….

Here’s to the Fin Whales

The Fin Whales were being hunted to extinction in Iceland, Norway and Japan–in Japan it was “in the name of science,” so their banner said. Joyce and her friends of the National Resources Defense Council, were willing to do anything to get back at a Japanese ship who drowned her husband three years ago.