This book is a very contemporary fable which addresses problems today’s elementary students face. Each of the characters exhibits behaviors our children are exposed to on a daily basis such as anger, bullying, and incorrect language use. The kind, patient, and wise Ms. Goldspeak leads her chicken students through thought-provoking and considerate solutions. I highly… Continue reading Patricia Plunk

Patricia Plunk

BeakSpeak is as charming as it is educational. In an age of virtual communication and “internet lingo”, teaching precise and clear language is as important as ever. Peggy Marceaux does that in an imaginative, endearing and humorous way with her beloved chickens. She brings the characters to life, combining storytelling with language lessons in a… Continue reading Kristen Grady

Kristen Grady

This book could be used to teach so many different topics in a classroom. Read it to a class when studying fables, or when you need a lesson on bullying or stereotypes. It would also be a great example of descriptive writing. The characters illustrations are cute and colorful, and will definitely help keep a… Continue reading Leslie Powell

Leslie Powell

Excellent book that includes life lessons, the importance of proper English, and understanding diversity. This book helps to build communication skills through her cute chicken characters.

Sheryl Kelehan

Older elementary age children will enjoy this fun, entertaining book that accentuates the author’s love of chickens and language. Excellent use of storytelling built around both academic and social lessons. Ann Farmer, Elementary and Special Education Teacher, Irving ISD, Hurst-Eulist-Bedford ISD, and Spring Branch ISD, 33 years

Ann Farmer

BeakSpeak is a labor of love: love for teaching, love for children, and love for tolerance. — Danette Bermea, English Teacher at Comal ISD, Texas

Danette Bermea

What a delightful little story.  As I read, I could picture kids performing it as a skit.  It provides so many openings for children to explore their own feelings, and at the same time consider how their words might be affecting their classmates.  Lesson questions are suggested to guide young readers toward a discovery of… Continue reading Angela Dudley

Angela Dudley

I am excited about this book. There is a real need for something like this in our schools. Our youth don’t know have the critical thinking skills they need to benefit themselves in their adult lives, and they aren’t being taught this in schools. We need to teach them the proper way to communicate, otherwise,… Continue reading K. Janette

K. Janette