BeakSpeak, A Fable & Language Workbook

BeakSpeak, A Fable & Language Workbook

A diverse group of young chickens will learn to understand each other better in this colorfully illustrated story. BeakSpeak is designed to help young people accept their differences and build confidence, through speech validation. In-depth discussion, alongside enclosed questionnaire sheets (with suggested answers), Ms. Marceaux’s goal is to enhance communication skills which will help young people succeed in their future relationships and careers.

A perfect book for teachers & home-school parents

This is a perfect book for teachers and home-school parents to present to their classes and students. As the students read through the pages, the enclosed questions can be asked directly after reading that page or at the end of the story. It is designed to get the conversation started so the students can discuss how the chickens should be more specific when they are speaking. This will in-turn help to eliminate bias and stereotypes. There are even suggested answers which can also be brought into the discussion to include ideas that the students and/or teachers haven’t discovered.

BeakSpeak, A Fable & Language Workbook by retired teacher & author Peggy Marceaux

Older elementary age children will enjoy this fun, entertaining book that accentuates the author’s love of chickens and language. Excellent use of storytelling built around both academic and social lessons.

— Ann Farmer, Elementary and Special Education Teacher 33 years, Irving ISD, Hurst-Eulist-Bedford ISD, and Spring Branch ISD

Questions & Answers

  • Guides teachers, parents and students through correcting common speaking errors.
  • Teaches critical thinking skills while building confidence and social awareness.
  • Makes students think for themselves instead of relying on stereotypes.
  • Demonstrates how kindness defeats Bullying.
  • Provides workbook questions and suggested answers.

BeakSpeak is a labor of love: love for teaching, love for children, and love for tolerance.

— Danette Bermea, English Teacher at Comal ISD, Texas

Printables: Worksheets, Sales Sheet, Flyer