Look Beyond the Picture

Things aren’t always what they seem.

Short Story Collection Book

Look Beyond the Picture

Things aren’t always what they seem.

In this short story collection, author Peggy Marceaux tantalizes you with astronaut cat adventures, a ghost gun causing chaos, and a planet that cowboys fear.

The Short Stories:

Three Molly cats rocket into outer space where are they walk on the moon, then jet over to the international space station. Deuteronomy and Jelly Roll each have near death experiences, before they travel to the Tabby star and return home. Yet, instead of a long rest, they are directed back into space and this time their mission is Mars!

A valuable, George Washington Flint Lock Saddle Pistol is bequeathed to Billie Mac’s sister, and by golly that better be where it stays. Every time it is moved from her home, or is stolen, the person involved with it, is killed—by the gun itself; no one else has a “hand” on it. Right?

Two spacemen who work the Borealis colors have a little too much lager one night and, quite unexpectedly, lasso a comet. That comet whisks them through a black hole that, ultimately, leads them to the hell planet. This was an experience they wouldn’t have taken even on a dare.