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Chicken Big

Once upon a time, there was a Chicken Big, named Mildred. She was a British-born, yellow, Buff Orpington, who was so large she could hardly fit through the door of the hen house. Mildred wasn't fat, really; she was just way oversized. Her owners had to build another room onto the hen house and a… Continue reading Chicken Big

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The Little Black Hen

In a small, South Dakota chick yard, outside the little town of Elk Point, lived an Australorp cousin of Re-Say Renee by the name of Sashay. The falls and winters in South Dakota are especially cold, since the state is that far north. Sashay was never warm enough in the wintertime, even while fluffing out… Continue reading The Little Black Hen

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De Birds, De Bees, De Chickens, and Education

Like his creator, Fill-the-Space Chase comes from Cajun stock. The following letter was written by his Uncle Gaston, who lives in Gueydan, Louisiana, to catch up Chase's father, Trosclair, on the goings on of two young lovers, 'tite Clement and 'tite Etienne, who just moved back home from Lafayette. The Cajun word "mais" means "well",… Continue reading De Birds, De Bees, De Chickens, and Education

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Local Newspaper Interviews Author

Guess what? That author was me!!! I had an amazing time being interviewed. Read the article below and then click over to my publisher's website and see what they wrote. What a wonderful adventure I am on! I had an interview done by the local paper - read the entire article here: Read the amazing… Continue reading Local Newspaper Interviews Author