BeakSpeak 2: The Dancing Chickens

Join the Adventure!

You got to know these charismatic chickens in the first educational workbook…. now join them on an exciting adventure as they dodge coyotes, chicken hawks and… Dancing Chickens?

When Chanticleer rooster shocks the students with ghost stories, and a nearby chicken processing business, he lays the groundwork for some major trouble!
With over-active imaginations and lack of sleep, the chickens feel ambushed when big men with large nets attempt to round them up.  Running for their lives, Walt takes charge and orders his chickens’ escape.
Unfortunately, some of them don’t make it out. So Walt must formulate a plan to rescue the captured, all while keeping the rest of his brood safe.  

Join the BeakSpeak flock as they dodge coyotes, almost get picked off by a hungry chicken hawk, and come face to face with the weirdest, most peculiar situation ever: Dancing Chickens!


“Squawk!” Sue had been grabbed by a chicken hawk that had swooped down and surprised her.

“Hold on Sue!” Renee was close enough to Sue to jump up and grab her left leg.

“Hold on Renee!” Walt flew up to grab Renee’s right leg.

The chicken hawk wasn’t large enough to haul off all three chickens, so it let go. When Sue fell, her wing caught on the branch of a cedar tree. “Ouch! Help!” she squawked.

Renee landed in a wide patch of sunflowers “Umph!” Their wide, golden petals and reddish- brown centers stood on long stems, so they didn’t soften her fall much.

The Great Rescue from the Terrifying Chicken Hawk
Sean and Walt Chillin’
Meet the Dancing Chickens

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