BeakSpeak 3: Day of the Dead


Peggy has out done herself with this BeakSpeak book! There’s Spanish lessons, Mexican culture, personal growth, facing your fears and getting to know these chickens even better than before. Great job!

Shocked to see the ranch-hand’s face painted like a skull, the BeakSpeak chickens race to school to ask why. That’s when Ms. Goldspeak guides them through an exciting adventure learning about Dia de los Muertos, the Mexican celebration.

Their reward is a cultural journey marked by Spanish phrases, cemeteries, spirits of their ancestors, confused terror and overwhelming joy. They learn to be brave, to rejoice in each other’s growth and dreams, and to believe miracles can happen when the stars align.

Book Excerpt

Peggy bumped a long ways down the road before pulling up to a small clearing on the right where Pascual had weed-eated seven gravesites. All the others were covered with high weeds. They could see seven headstones standing up in the glow of the moon, some damaged. As Renée slipped off the seat, she looked straight up. “The sky is so clear. Look at all those stars! I guess I’m usually sleeping at this hour, but I’ve never known a night so clear, so still and so quiet.”

The others hopped out behind her, looking up as well, frozen for a moment by the stillness, the stars and the full moon.  Sean was absolutely dazzled. The students stood together, seemingly unwilling to separate, to move, to get their projects or to get started with the celebration. There was something magical about the night and the moment that they couldn’t define. They fluffed their feathers against the cold without even thinking about it.

“I don’t know why, but I feel scared,” whispered Renée.

Jayne looked at Renée and jumped back. “Gosh. Your face spooked me in this moonlight.”

“How can we, uh, celebrate when we’re scared?” Chase whispered to Sue.

The beauty of the star-studded heavens had carried Sean away.

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