Teachers: Let’s get the conversation started!

How would you like to see your students become more engaged in class?

How great would it be if your students had something to say when you asked a question? That they were excited about the curriculum. Maybe, that they truly began thinking about what they were doing and saying.

They could be. With BeakSpeak, this fun, educational story brings to light social situations, moral bias and addresses bullying – all by focusing on the fact that ‘chickens’ should be more specific when communicating.

This is a perfect book for teachers and home-school parents to present to their classes and students. As the students read through the pages, the enclosed questions can be asked directly after reading that page or at the end of the story. It is designed to get the conversation started. Raise questions they wouldn’t have thought to ask and explain how important proper communication is.

My goal is to enhance critical thinking skills, build confidence and social awareness, and demonstrate how kindness defeats bullying.


Excellent book that includes life lessons, the importance of proper English, and understanding diversity. This book helps to build communication skills through her cute chicken characters.

Sheryl Kelehan

What a delightful little story.  As I read, I could picture kids performing it as a skit.  It provides so many openings for children to explore their own feelings, and at the same time consider how their words might be affecting their classmates.  Lesson questions are suggested to guide young readers toward a discovery of just how much the right words cheer us and the wrong ones hurt us.  Each of the story’s actors becomes an endearing little creature because of the wonderful illustrations.  This book offers such a wide array of both language and life skills for teachers and parents to explore with their children.

Angela Dudley