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Correcting “Fowl” Language

New Language Workbook Helps Build Confidence, Accept Differences

CANYON LAKE, Texas – A diverse group of young chickens will learn to understand each other better in the colorfully illustrated story, BeakSpeak, A Fable & Language Workbook written by author, Peggy Marceaux.

Mrs. Goldspeak, a Brahma Hen, is the teacher in a classroom of rowdy pullets (young female chickens) and cockerels (young male roosters). Each student has his or her own unique personality and nickname that reflect their speaking errors and common misconceptions about the breed.  Her goal is to encourage these chickens to think before speaking, be more precise when writing, in hopes of overcoming bias and stereotypes.

“This book is perfect for teachers and home-school parents” because the enclosed questions and suggested answers really help to get the conversation started. “My goal is to enhance critical thinking skills, build confidence and social awareness, and demonstrate how kindness defeats bullying,” Peggy added.

The author, Peggy Marceaux, is a retired English teacher who lives in Canyon Lake, Texas. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Lamar University and her Masters of Arts from the University of Houston, where she specialized in British Literature. Ms. Marceaux taught for 32 years; 11 in the Alvin Independent School District and 15 in the Comal Independent School District in TX, Chairing the High School English Departments in both. Having raised chickens for twenty years, she loved the diversity among the breeds. This inspired “BeakSpeak”, a story designed to help young people accept their differences and build confidence, through speech validation. Ever the English teacher, Ms. Marceaux believes the earlier you teach children language precision, the better it will help them succeed in their future relationships and careers.

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Calling all teachers and parents of 3rd through 5th graders:

Let’s teach young people how to:

  • think clearer
  • be specific when speaking
  • be precise while writing
  • overcome stereotyping
  • and defeat bulling

You can do that with BeakSpeak!  A new children’s storybook that uses the dialogue of young chickens with language errors, bias and stereotypes, to demonstrate common speaking errors.

The characters are a combination of brightly illustrated pullets (young female chickens) and cockerels (young male roosters) with very specific and humorous personalities. Their nick names, reflect their common errors. In fact, the power of the book is emphasized in the back pages where the exploratory questions and suggested answers challenge young people to think critically. It also contains a list of new vocabulary words and their definitions!

If a child comes to class with an open mind, that is, a mind not influenced by biased statements and learned language errors, that would be great, but where are you going to find such a child? Let BeakSpeak be the key to a quick and fun method to get those little minds thinking clearly, speaking and writing specifically, and defying bulling.

  • Use it in the classroom
  • at the home-work table
  • in the game room
  • in the car on a road trip
  • or even create a game with examples the children create themselves.

Let BeakSpeak be your go-to tool to help children improve communication for their future studies, relationships and careers.

BeakSpeak Worksheets and Answers

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