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Thoughts on Being Published

Someone asked me the other day how it feels to now be a published author. My first thought is, it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished a life-long goal. I feel like I finally accomplished the life-long dream of handing elementary English teachers, home-school mothers and young students a tool to teach and achieve clearer… Continue reading Thoughts on Being Published

Peggy Marceaux, Author of BeakSpeak
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My first experience with “Fowl” language

My first experience with “fowl” language started many years ago when I met an old codger named T. Brady who introduced me to his game flock. A reincarnation of Dale Gribble from the animated sitcom, King of the Hill, T. would mumble and cluck when he talked to them, which I found surprisingly soothing; however, that Barnyard Zen belied the fact that chickens have a rough life: they must survive a pecking order.