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Chicken Pomes

Re-Say learned from a friend of Mr. Chanticleer where Ms. Goldspeak was. When she visited her teacher she learned Ms. Goldspeak would be willing to give back Sean's phone for his helping to save Jayne's life if each of her students wrote a poem: either a Shakespearean sonnet, an Ode, a Haiku, or a Limerick,… Continue reading Chicken Pomes

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Escape From All-the Traps

Ms. Goldspeak had a few years to help each fowl improve his or her language skills before Peggy gave up the farm in 2012. The following letters demonstrate who improved greatly and who, not so much. Dear Chase, Ever since Peggy sold the farm, and we were thrown to the four winds, I've been hiding… Continue reading Escape From All-the Traps

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De Birds, De Bees, De Chickens, and Education

Like his creator, Fill-the-Space Chase comes from Cajun stock. The following letter was written by his Uncle Gaston, who lives in Gueydan, Louisiana, to catch up Chase's father, Trosclair, on the goings on of two young lovers, 'tite Clement and 'tite Etienne, who just moved back home from Lafayette. The Cajun word "mais" means "well",… Continue reading De Birds, De Bees, De Chickens, and Education

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Local Newspaper Interviews Author

Guess what? That author was me!!! I had an amazing time being interviewed. Read the article below and then click over to my publisher's website and see what they wrote. What a wonderful adventure I am on! I had an interview done by the local paper - read the entire article here: Read the amazing… Continue reading Local Newspaper Interviews Author

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I've been reticent to write about my sister, Gail, in my previous blogs, because she should be treated differently than the rest of us siblings. Gail was the second born of five and had insurmountable heartbreak dealt her that the rest of us were helpless to alleviate. She was an extremely bright child and was… Continue reading Salt

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Beast Down and Noun . . . Just Watch Ole Freckles Run

This is a good time to introduce your youngsters to the questions you ask that identify nouns: who and what? The following blog will ask the questions in a parenthesis behind the nouns in the first paragraph. Have your children/students practice the same exercise in BeakSpeak. I'll also give you one page of BeakSpeak with… Continue reading Beast Down and Noun . . . Just Watch Ole Freckles Run