BeakSpeak Book

“Flying the Friendly Skies” with Lousy Lingo

This blog is replete with slang expressions. Your job is to recognize them. Yes, I will list them at the end, but try not to look until you’ve finished reading the whole work. Remember, slang defined as language that is very informal, to the degree it becomes street talk, like my Street-Talk Walt uses in BeakSpeak. In some cases, it can be offensive, though I won’t include offensive slang here.

Watching Legacy be depressed was getting me depressed, so I decided to bail on her and set out to my brother’s in Seattle, which I did “in a New York minute” (cliche). I just “had to get away,” so, naturally, I flew Southwest. 🙂 I was running away from the guilt that was racking me. I left in such a hurry, my house was basically trashed, but I didn’t care. I didn’t know how to fix Legacy’s dilemma without investing in another horse, and the thought of that extra expense and work made me nauseous. I left Claudia in charge, so I knew she would be in good hands.

I figured my family was worried about me because I barely said “hi, y’all,” then flew upstairs and zonked out on the bed. When I awoke and walked back down, Greg looked at me and said: “For real? What’s up with you?” I told him the whole story, and that I wasn’t nuts, just worried, fagged out and needed to chill. He said, “Well, we’re fixin’ to go to the Public Market. Wanna go?” I told him I’d have been ticked off if they would have gone without me, although all that throwing big fish around at the Market made me bonkers. We finally bought Dungeness crabs for each of us and came back to steam them for dinner. Before we ate them, I posed with Greg and Denise’s two children, Josh and Kristen, for this adorable picture. The outing had already made me feel like this trip would be a wonderful respite from my duties at home.

That is, until I called Claudia to see how things were going. She told me Legacy’s disposition had worsened by my not being there. She was worried about her listlessness so much she called the vet. So, I cut my visit short. For such a big girl, Legacy had a sensitive soul. When I arrived back home, my sister, Shelly, came out to visit and brought a couple of nice bottles of hooch. That helped – me not Legacy. Back then, when I wasn’t on all the meds I’m on now, I could enjoy a good bottle of wine with my sister and brother. Greg was big times into wine, and Shelly enjoyed it, too.

So, it was back to working her around the pen and property. Leg like evening rides.

Looking back, I should have taken her on some trail rides. That would have gotten her around other horses, provided her some new scenery and just given her, overall, new stimulation. I really didn’t want to shoe her, though, since she had one bad front hoof that didn’t develop properly. Still, I think it was a mistake.

Not long after I visited him, my brother, Greg, and his family came down from Seattle to visit me. I think he was worried about me, and the whole family wanted to see Legacy. Notice how she walks up to have her picture taken, too. After all, Legacy was one of the family, and far be it for me to exclude her.

Now, correct Street-Talk Walt with me, please. He’s the one character in BeakSpeak whose language I have a hard time taking seriously.

Lousy – bad

Lingo – language

Bail – leave stranded

Racking – destroying

Trashed – very messed up

Y’all – all of you

Zonked – passed out

For real? – seriously?

What’s with you? – what’s the matter?

Nuts – gets on my nerves

Fagged out – exhausted

Chill – relax

Fixin’ to – about to

Wanna – want to

Ticked off – upset

Bonkers – driven out of my mind

Hooch – alcohol

Meds – medicine

Big time – knows a lot about


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