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Never Eat Pizza When You Have to Sneeze

Recuperating from my injuries made for an awfully long summer. of course, l had to have surgery to put a pin in my shoulder, so, along with learning to walk again, I had to have shoulder therapy, too. Probably my broken ribs hurt the most, though, because every breath I took moved them. I remember eating a slice of pizza in the living room while watching TV one day. Suddenly, I sneezed. The ensuing pain doubled me over; the slice of pizza was found all the way across the room. In the long run, however, I recovered and was back in school by late August. The only thing I can remember being reticent about was getting back on a horse, though I was very happy to get Legacy home, and she seemed equally happy.

There wasn’t a day or night I didn’t attend to her needs. She seemed a little lonely since Cuban Gold was no longer there. Cows were okay, but they weren’t her mom. I did my best to keep her company and occupied. Clearly, it wasn’t enough. She remained listless and constantly searched the property.

Claudia continued to come out more often to work her in the round pen and keep up her riding regimen. We were hoping that would eventually get her mind off of her mom. We brushed and bathed her more often, too, and gave her extra helpings of oats, which she loved. It just didn’t work.

Meanwhile, Legacy would follow me around like a puppy as I spent time working around the place caring for the cattle and chickens. It was at this time that I invested in a fifth-wheel RV to travel to Colorado and fly fish and to Rockport’s Goose Island in the summer, that is, if Claudia could see to Legacy. At least, that was my plan. This accident made me start thinking I needed to travel some before I killed myself with these huge animals I was raising. The bull had already tried to “do me in” (slang) with a round bale. Now Cuban Gold about finished me off. I still had a lot of living I wanted to do.

As well, I continued my annual crawfish boil. A number of my friends counted on me doing that. At the time, it was a big event and an all-day affair. We had to make a run to Kemah to buy two-to-three, 35-pound sacks of the mudbugs, and there was a great deal of preparation for it. Still, it was fun at the time, and the work didn’t wear us like it would do later.

Legacy always came to the boil, too, hanging over the fence, hoping for a carrot from the guests. Sometimes, though, she’d just get offered the side of a cool can of Miller Lite, which she never “cottoned to”. (slang)

Now, let’s leave Legacy for a bit and get back to BeakSpeak. In this blog I want to explore All-the Same Jayne’s issue, stereotyping. Stereotyping deals with both prejudice and overgeneralizing. Overgeneralizing lumps people together in a broad category by way of too few samples. Prejudice is just simply disregarding positive options and opting for negative ones you’ve selected for people. Those issues really aren’t language skill problems; they fall more in the category of thinking and social skill problems. Google gives you: “policemen buy donuts all the time, and only males play video games,” as examples of stereotyping.. The key to recognizing overgenralizing is to look for a statement that contains, “all,” “none,” “never,” or a silent implication of exclusiveness. Prejudice is pretty easy to recognize. Here are just a few examples of both prejudice and overgeneralizing that your youngsters may have picked up from their peers, their parents, or society. They are hardly old enough at this age to have much experience to form such conclusions otherewise, so it has to come from somewhere else. As best friends, BeakSpeak’s pullets, All-the-Same Jayne and Re-Say Renee, both reinforce and perpetuate each other’s stereotyping.

All parents try to make life difficult for their children. Overgeneralizing

Some salesmen lie to make more money on a sale. Prejudice

Homework is very easy. Overgenerlizing

Homework is very hard. Overgeneraliziing

Girls usually don’t enjoy cars as much as boys do. Prejudice

The best way to make new friends is to just start talking to them. Overgeneraliziong

Most politicians are crooks. Prejudice

Dogs are generally smarter than cats. Prejudice

Only a fool would believe what that commercial says. Prejudice

Learning to drive isn’t difficult. Overgeneralizing

College is the only way a person can be properly educated. Overgeneralizing

Rich people are, for the most part, greedy. Prejudice

Poor people are lazy. Overgeneralizing

Many parents think children should be seen and not heard. Prejudice

All success is brouoght about by good luck Overgeneralizing

Succes is brought about by hard work. Overgeneralizing


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